Peer Leader Stories

Working as A College Access Peer Leader

What have you learned so far? And what are you hoping to gain?

In general being a Youth Leader is helping me become a better multi tasker, I’m working with other students AND doing my own college applications and my own research so being a YL is providing me more flexibility to sit down and organize how I’m going to plan for the future for my peers…It’s good to experience new ways to do that.

I’m hoping to gain more insight on my other peers. A lot of my peers are very quiet about their post-secondary options, they feel excluded from everybody else. They don’t want to go to college so I’m hoping to gain more of a connection with them and hopefully gain their trust so they can give me their knowledge and I can learn from that. Read more of Adriana Betancur

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PERSONAL STATEMENT is a feature-length documentary film that showcases the challenges that young people face who are the first in their family to attend college - and the remarkable potential of peer leadership to address those challenges.

To learn more about PERSONAL STATEMENT, you can visit the film’s website at

If you are interested in bringing the full length film to your school or community, you can learn more about how to do so through Good Docs. 

The following short video, “Youth Leaders in Action,” features the three main characters of the film at work in their own communities, and demonstrates the power of CARA’s peer-to-peer model.