CARA partners with a host of government, university, and community-based organizations to develop and implement programming.

Organizational Partnerships

CARA is housed at the CUNY Graduate Center, within the Center for Human Environments (CHE); the Research Foundation of CUNY serves as our fiscal sponsor. In addition, we collaborate regularly with a range of partners to work in schools and colleges around New York City.

Advisory Board

CARA’s Advisory Board plays a critical role in CARA’s long-term planning. Our Board reflects the diversity of CARA’s work and includes school and community-based practitioners, policymakers, academics, funders, and young people impacted by CARA’s programs.

Advisory Board members include:
  • Oona Chatterjee: Director of Organizing & Capacity Building | Center for Popular Democracy
  • Vanessa Coca: Director of Research | Hope Center for College, Community and Justice
  • Cass Conrad: Executive Director | Carroll & Milton Petrie Foundation
  • Lisa Cowan: Vice President of Programs | Robert Sterling Clark Foundation
  • Greg Darnieder: Senior Advisor, Steans Family Foundation & Chair | National Postsecondary Strategy Institute
  • Michelle Fine: Distinguished Professor | CUNY Graduate Center
  • David Fonseca: Assistant Director, Office of Financial Assistance | Boston University
  • Bennett Lieberman: Principal | Central Park East High School
  • Lawrence Louis: Doctoral Candidate | Michigan State University
  • Allison Palmer: Associate Executive Director | New Settlement Apartments
  • Mandy Savitz-Romer: Senior Lecturer on Education | Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Andrea Soonachan: University Dean, K-16 | Initiatives City University of New York
  • Emily Van Ingen: Deputy Director | Cypress Hills LDC

Program Partners