Undocumented Students Toolkit

Undocumented young people have a right to college. This toolkit is for them. 

Over the past year, a group of experienced CARA College Bridge coaches came together around their shared commitment to helping undocumented students through the college process, as well as their shared frustration around the lack of relevant resources. They began conducting their own research on the topic, gathering specific information to help better counsel undocumented students in pursuing post-secondary paths. 


The end result was this toolkit. Its purpose is to help undocumented students realize their college dreams by presenting new ways to look at the college application process. It includes information about new resources such as the Senator José Peralta New York State DREAM Act, which was passed during the development of the toolkit. Educators, counselors, undocu-friendly organizations, parent(s)/guardian(s), and other young people can use the toolkit to support undocumented students in pursuing higher education. 


Click here to download the full toolkit. Feel free to print and distribute it in whatever ways may be supportive of your mission of supporting undocumented students through the college process.