Help support college access in New York City 2020-2021

CARA’s peer leadership for college access programs are critical to the economic recovery of New York City. They:

  1. Help provide college access support to low-income students in the class of 2021 as they navigate an increasingly complex postsecondary landscape
  2. Bring desperately needed income into the households of low-income NYC families by employing first-generation high school and college students to provide that support
  3. Provide professional employment experience and career training to low-income, first-generation high school and college students that will help rebuild the economy of the city as we emerge from the pandemic.


CARA’s offices are housed at CUNY’s Graduate Center. Donations go to us through the Graduate Center Foundation.


CARA’s programs have never been more critical, but they are at risk because of significant public education budget cuts.

Yoimer Baez, College Bridge Coach
Yoimer Baez, College Bridge Coach, Lyons Community School in Brooklyn; Majoring in criminal justice at John Jay College


In the coming year, our partners will not have the funding they need to support Peer Leaders like Yoimer Baez.

Yoimer works at his alma mater, Lyons Community School, supporting 65 seniors each year through their college search, application, decision and matriculation processes.

We are launching an unprecedented campaign to raise funds so that Yoimer and other Peer Leaders can continue supporting seniors next year.

$8,000/per Peer Leader will support them to work at their school 10 hours/week for 12 months.

Any amount helps keep CARA’s peer leadership programs going.

We hope that you will consider making a gift today.



If you prefer to make a contribution by check:

Make check out to “The Graduate Center Foundation Inc.” with CARA noted in the memo line and send to:

The Graduate Center

Office of Development, Room 8204

365 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10016


Read more about our Peer Leaders.


Please contact with any questions.


Thank you for your support!