Supporting College & Career Access for Adolescent Immigrant Students

Students who immigrate to the U.S. as adolescents face a daunting set of challenges on their college and career paths. Moving at an age so close to the end of high school, they must race against time to learn English, adapt to a new culture, and prepare for the future. For this reason–and because most schools are not well-equipped to support them–adolescent immigrant students are less likely to enroll in postsecondary education than U.S.-born students or other students who immigrate at a younger age.

In this report, CARA draws on two dozen interviews with counselors, school leaders, and students to understand the obstacles adolescent immigrant students encounter on their postsecondary paths and the opportunities schools have to better support them.

  • For counselors and teachers: the report offers practical recommendations for working with classes and individual students.
  • For school leaders and policymakers: the report describes school-wide structures for helping adolescent immigrant students achieve the college and career success they deserve.
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