Enroll NYC

Tracking the College Process

What is Enroll?

Enroll NYC™ is a web-based, visual database platform created by CARA in collaboration with FMYI that is tailored specifically for tracking New York City applications (CUNY, SUNY) and enrollment tasks. Enroll NYC™ is currently in use by over 100 NYC high schools to help support students from college application through college enrollment.

Who Uses Enroll?

  • College Counselors and CARA-trained college students use Enroll NYC to:

    • Set weekly and monthly goals for students
    • Easily identify students that need follow-up
    • Easily check and update information quickly throughout the day, including CUNY and SUNY and FAFSA application information, etc.
    • Quickly gather aggregate caseload information and print reports on application task completion
    • Save time, especially for those managing large caseloads of students
  • Administrators and Supervisors are able to:

    • Help college counselors make sure that individual students complete all of the steps in the college process and don’t fall through the cracks
    • Easily get reports with up-to-date information on the senior class’ progress in completing tasks throughout the year
    • Work with CARA to continually update and improve the database to meet schools’ needs

How many schools are using enroll?

132 Schools
15750 Students

Key Features

  • A time save for College Counselors and Administrators who are managing large caseloads of students
  • Helps College Counselors set weekly and monthly goals for students and easily identify who to follow-up with
  • Allows quick access to aggregate information while still offering detailed individual data
  • Support advanced privacy controls
  • Has an easy-to-use, visual interface to quickly check and update information throughout the day
  • Has an Active Product Roadmap – new features and improvements are released each month.


How does it work?